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This 2D platform action game with 8-bit graphic style is inspired by old school video games from NES era. So if you like these types of genre, be prepared for Oniken! And don’t forget… It’s HARD as nails!!!

Oniken Unstoppable Edition (2019) Trailer

Oniken Full Version Features:
-6 Missions are divided into 3 stages each
-Boss Rush Mode
-11 Bosses
-10 Mini-Bosses
-Awesome Cutscenes
-Online Leaderboards

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Oniken Launch DateWindows WW: June 21, 2012
OS X/Linux WW: November 20, 2012
Nintendo Switch WW: February 1, 2019
Xbox One WW: December 23, 2019
PlayStation 4 WW: March 23, 2020
Oniken first game wallpaper
Oniken’s first game wallpaper

The game is an 8-bit style platformer where you must fight through levels and avoid obstacles as well as upgrade your character with items collected in-between stages.

There will be challenges that test both skillful play or trial & error, but if players can make it past these trials there’s even more content waiting for them! With its retro graphics reminiscent of old-school video games like NES titles then this should definitely appeal to gamers looking forward to the past…

But watch out because enemies come at ya pretty fast so steady yourself before taking on another challenge – I guarantee once u start playing Oniken won’t want