Get All New Fortnite Skins For Free [Unlocked All]

Fortnite is the trending royal battle game all over the world. Whether it is graphics, sound or the story the game simply wins the heart of the player. It is a very addictive game, and everyone wants to push their level in this fierce competition battle game.

When it comes to skins, it is the most searched topic on Google. Why? Rare Fortnite skins are the coolest things that make the game look more attractive.

However, people do not have a precise knowledge which skins will suit you and how to get these skins free without investing a single buck. Playing fortnite and wearing the same skins as everyone will not boost your performance.

In this article, we will discuss with you the most genuine ways to get free fortnite skins. Players who are involved in the Battle Pass time can unlock the coolest outfits and cosmetic rewards.

Ways To Get All New Free Fortnite Skins

In every session, there are so many new and diverse options to buy that you can use to show off with others. We will continuously update the new free updates for a stylish avatar.

V bucks:
Now to get V-bucks in the game you need to invest some of your real currency. But there are other ways too by which you can get free V-bucks. Spending real cash for the sake of virtual game currency is utter stupidity.


It is a safe and secure way to get free V-bucks to get skins. By logging in daily to the game, you earn a small amount of V-bucks. The bonus is reset every day. Hence within a period of time, you will have a significant amount of cash in your wallet.


When you log in to the game you will come to a lot of rotating missions. In rotating missions, by the end of the mission you earn a significant amount of free V-bucks.
Eg. In city zones-

  • Destroy 6 Arcade machines in back to back mission to earn a total of 50 V-bucks.
  • Destroy 3 fire trucks to earn 50 V-bucks.
  • In Suburban zones: Destroy 8 teddy bears or 20 TVs or Park see saws in successful missions to earn up to 50 V-bucks.
  • You can also discover shelters in outdoor regions or city locations and police stations in all the regions to get free V-bucks up to 50.

V- bucks from Storm shield defense missions:

  • There are a lot of points on the map where you can complete shield defense missions and earn free V-bucks as a reward.
  • You earn by completing the missions mentioned below:
    Completing Homebase storm shield defense- 2,3,4,5 or 6 and earn 100 V-bucks instantly.
  • You can also receive by defending your storm shield.
  • Completing Canney Valley storms shield missions and making 100 bucks.
  • Plankerton storm shield defense missions also give you 100 bucks.
  • Same is with Twin peaks storm defense missions and get 100 bucks.

The Item shop for free fortnite skins:

The Item shop is visited by everyone, but they face the problems of lacking bucks, and hence they are unable to buy costumes, gliders, and other outfits. But once you have sufficiently earned free V-bucks, you can happily visit the place to purchase items and skins.

There are different kinds of items featured ones as well as the daily items. Featured ones are often sold quickly hence have quick checks when a new item is released. Usually, there are 2 featured items and 6 daily items. Features items boost your avatar and performance to a higher level as compared to other daily items.

Battle Pass:

Battle Pass allows you to unlock a variety of options in the game, but first, you need to purchase the battle pass using the V-bucks. It works as:

  • You purchase the Battle pass and play matches to earn exp.
  • With each level, you unlock a new item.
  • The level of your battle card will also raise, and you can sell it at an optimum level.

Battle Pass is a great way to improve your performance as they multiply your skins and you can also sell these Battle Passes later.

Final words:

Although the new Google algorithm will protect you from these scams, still there are chances that you are caught up in such scams. Often when you search for free fortnite skins, you get the options of free skin generators.

To make it clear, they are completely fake! It is tough to hack into the database of fortnite and get free V-bucks. The generators are made by people to earn money. So share this with maximum people so that everyone has genuine information about how to get free fortnite skins. Thank you for reading.